The 2017 POP Tennis NY Open tournament just completed play at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Over 120 event entries from diverse types of racquet sports backgrounds came together to play POP Tennis and compete in both Pro & Amateur divisions in this weekend’s tournament (July 29-30, 2017).  

Mitch Kuttner, the executive vice president of International POP Tennis Associaton, Inc, said the following about the tournament: 

"Players and spectators witnessed a level of play that had never been seen before in our sport!"

Congratulations to the champions and finalists of the POP Tennis Pro Divisions:

• Men’s Pro Singles champion Austin Doerner and finalist Scott Doerner

• Women’s Pro Singles, champion Michelle Greco and finalist  Michaela Kratochvilova

• Men’s Pro Doubles champions Scott and Austin Doerner & finalists Stephen DeRose & Mark Parsons

• Women’s Pro Doubles champions Michelle Greco and Viviana Rojas de Heil and finalists Nicole Melch and Nadia Johnston

• Mixed Pro Doubles champions Michelle Greco and Russ Garber & finalists Dana and Mark Parsons

Congratulations to all the POP Tennis tournament participants. Thank you to the tournament sponsors Adidas POP Tennis and TuffTec Lockers.  

Mark Your Calendars for the Venice Beach Open October 7-8!.