Tennis is one of the only sports that can be catered to all ages. To start tennis at a young age, you are beginning a lifelong relationship with a game that will always be there for you. Of Course, this is not all that the game has to offer so let’s dive into the top ten reasons to play ten and under tennis.

1. The Game Is Fun


The first reason is simple. Not only are you getting a great workout but you are trying to ace your opponent, hit wonderfully placed volleys, and-- most of all--master your ability to use a racket to hit a ball over the net. This is all A LOT of fun. As a child growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn I recall the enjoyment of hitting over the miniature net. I remember how much fun it was to play various tennis mini games where in order to keep my lives I needed to volley, serve or hit the ball over the net and in those pesky white lines. These are very fond memories and looking back I realized how tennis helped me…

2. Become Athletic  


Tennis really kicked off my lifelong journey of having a healthy lifestyle. Little did I know that tennis enhances your aerobic, anaerobic, and cardiovascular fitness, reaction time, body coordination, speed, acceleration, agility, strength, and even your immune system. To start tennis at a young age, you are setting yourself up for a long, healthy, and happy life.

3. Mental Game

No doubt about it, tennis is a mental game. One’s ability to control their mind--and their opponents-- is by far one of the most important aspects of the game. From an early age, you can learn how to bounce back from mistakes, how to deal with adversity, how to stay disciplined and focus during training and game day, how to stay cool under pressure and develop the ability to plan and execute a strategy.

4. Sportsmanship

It does not matter if you are the number one tennis player in the world or just starting out; you are going to lose. Tennis teaches you how to lose gracefully--whether it's an important match or during a fun little game during practice. After all, you can’t really blame your teammates. It’s on you.

5. Collaboration

If you pick up tennis from a young age, you will not only learn how to communicate with your coach and your teammates. You learn to listen carefully and follow instructions. Not to mention you will likely find friends that will last a lifetime since you both share the same passion for tennis.  

6. Safety

Tennis is unique in that there are far fewer injuries compared with contact sports. Indeed, Tennis is statistically far safer than other activities including basketball, football, soccer, baseball and hockey.

7. All You Need Are Sneakers

Here at Lion Tennis, we supply rackets for anyone that needs. Thus, all you need is a pair of sneakers. This is a lot more manageable compared to other sports where a lot of gear needs to be purchased.

8. You Can Play Tennis Forever

As mentioned above, Tennis is unique in that children can start playing at three years old and then play all the way until they can’t walk anymore. Now that’s amazing! Tennis is a sport that one can enjoy throughout their whole life.

9. Your Child’s Academic Performance

According to USTA Serves, “More than a sport: Tennis, Education and Health”, 48% of adolescents playing tennis reported an A average. This number is essentially double the number of individuals that do not play a sport and around 15% higher than those that play contacts sports.

10. Problem Solving

Identifying your opponent's weaknesses and figuring out the most effective shots at the right moment requires careful thinking and planning. These skills can undoubtedly be applied to all aspects of one’s life.

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